Brown’s Encore Classic Natural Rabbit Food is specially formulated to appeal to the tastes of pet rabbits. This daily diet is a naturally wholesome mix of natural ingredients that are high in fiber to help ease digestion. The enticing variety of shapes, flavors and textures encourages foraging behaviors and satisfies the constant need to chew, which helps relieve cage boredom. ZOO-Vital baked biscuits provide beneficial bacteria for optimal digestion and essential nutrients for the overall well-being of your pet.

  • Natural with vitamins and minerals
  • High-fiber ingredients for optimal digestion
  • The unique variety of shapes, textures and biscuit densities provide needed exercise, as well as gum and tooth maintenance
  • Provides essential beneficial bacteria to help support good digestion
  • Satisfies his/her natural need to chew and forage for food


Manufactured in a facility that processes shrimp, peanuts and other tree nuts. Not for human consumption.