Sahara™ SUPREME is made from superior quality bentonite clay that we source from responsible mining operations and mix with our odour eliminating ingredients. The litter is also passed through our dedusting system prior to packaging.

​We specially formulated Sahara SUPREME  to remain odour-free for up to 50 days without doing a full litter box change!  Just scoop your cat’s litter box daily and top it up as needed!



PictureSuperior dedusting :  ​ Sahara™ SUPREME is passed through a rigourous dedusting system to ensure the comfort of your cat.



PictureExtra-hard dlumping: ​Sahara™ SUPREME creates extra-hard clumps quickly so that it is easy to clean!



PictureNatural odour control: ​ Sahara™ SUPREME controls litter box odours thanks to our odour-eliminating ingredients and its highly absorbent clay that traps odours.


PictureChemical free:  Sahara™ SUPREME does not contain any harmful chemicals.



PictureMulti-Cat: ​Sahara™ SUPREME performs perfectly in multi-cat homes.