Eye Care makes it easier to clean dried tears and soothes discomfort due to scratching. Its soothing, non-irritating formula keeps the eye area healthy and eliminates stains. Poor hygiene can lead to a build-up of secretions, itching, irritation, or bad odours, minor inconveniences that can be avoided through regular eye care.

It contains four natural plant extracts: eyebright extract, witch hazel water, cornflower water, and rose water.

It is suitable for use in all dog and cat breeds, from two months of age.

Directions: Shake before use. Moisten a cleansing pad with warm water. Apply to the eye area for 10 seconds to soften dry, crusty fur. Gently rub stained areas under the eyes. Moisten another cleansing pad with product and gently rub remaining stains. Repeat for the other eye using clean cleansing pads or wipes.